Helping El Paso Help Their Pets

At Mesa Veterinary Clinic and Paws N Hooves Mobile Vet, we provide quality, convenient, and affordable medical care to every pet.  We practice best medicine and high-level client education to meet the specific needs of every pet.Call our Client Care Coordinators today, and let us help you and your pets live healthier, happier lives! 

Your El Paso Veterinarian | Testimonials

Daniel Cordova on Facebook says…

"I am out of words with how grateful I am.
After so many clinics turned me away since they’re not taking any new patients... they did not hesitate to make space for my kitten and ultimately saving his life. He randomly started bleeding from his eyes and nose and you can imagine the panic attack I had. Thank you so much to Liz and other staff members who on top of helping me calm down.. they attended to my cat and cared for him... now he’s home and back to being himself!
Thank you so much!!!!!
I know that if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have my baby with me."

Paloma Samayoa

Paloma Samayoa via Demandforce says…

Omg the staff was extremely nice to my fur babies. The wait was pretty long but well worth it. My girls were treated like queens and the vet and techs were extremely helpful and attentive!!! 10/10 will recommend and will visit again!

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