Paws N Hooves Mobile locations and times

Tuesdays: Pet’s Barn 9807 Dyer 8-2:30pm
Thursdays: Pet’s Barn 5500 N Desert Blvd 9-2:30pm
Fridays: Pet’s Barn 11100 Sean Haggerty 8-2:30pm
Saturdays: Pet’s Barn 1790 N. Zaragoza 9:30-2:30pm
***Last sign in taken at 2:30 daily***


Vaccine Package 1 – $30
Exam, Distemper/Parvo, Dewomer

Vaccine Package 2 – $35
Exam, Distemper/Parvo booster, Bordatella

Package 3 – $58
Exam, Distemper/Parvo booster, Bordatella booster,
Rabies vaccine w city license

We now offer the Bivalent Canine Flu Vaccine for Only $35


Vaccine Package 1 – $30
Exam, Fvrcp, Dewomer

Vaccine Package 2 – $84
Exam, Fvrcp booster, Felv/Fiv/Hw Test, Felv 1st booster

Vaccine Package 3 – $65
Exam, Fvrcp booster, Felv booster, Rabies vaccine w city license

Vaccine series are given 3-4 weeks apart. All unvaccinated pets must get entire series in order to be fully protected.


Vaccine Exam ($13)
Sick Exam ($22)
Pre-Surgical Exam ($11)

***An exam is required with any/all vaccines***

Rabies ($23)
Parvo/ Distemper ($9)
FeLV ($20)
FVRCP ($9)
Bordetella ($13)
Bivalent Flu ($35)

Other Services:
4DX Heartworm Test ($35)
Felv/Fiv/HW Test ($42)
Nail Trim ($7)
Ear Cleaning ($15)
Microchip ($36)
***Free Registration for Life***

Surgeries: All surgeries include basic Pain Medication
Cat: Spay ($83), Neuter, ($45) Declaw ($94)
Dog Spays: Under 20lbs ($94), 21-60lbs ($104), 61-80lbs ($116), 81-100lbs ($127), 100+lbs ($137)
Dog Neuters: <20lbs ($72), 21-60lbs ($83), 61-80lmbs ($94), 81-100lbs ($104), 100+lbs ($116) ***Heat, pregnancy, obesity, cryptorchid extra charges may apply***

Other: All other surgeries, including dental cleanings, require a pre-surgical consult. During this exam an estimate for surgery will be discussed that is specific to your pet. Estimates given within 30 days of surgery will be honored if presented at time of drop off.

Highly Recommended for all surgeries:
IV Fluids ($39): Allows immediate access to administer emergency medication in case of anesthetic complications. Pre-anesthetic Blood work ($43) Allows us to ensure your pet’s organ function is healthy before putting them under anesthesia. Laser Treatment ($16): Promotes faster healing and reduces the chance of infection

***All surgeries must not be given any food after 10pm the night before (water ok) and dropped off the first 30 minutes we’re open.***